Once veterans retire from active duty, many of them start their own businesses. There are thousands of veteran owned companies to choose from when searching for items made in America, but be weary of their products! Companies will often sell items or manufacture their own items overseas and import products to keep costs low. While this is a smart business plan, it doesn’t support the American economy. Here is a list of veteran owned accessory and home décor companies that manufacture everything in the USA.

Sword & Plough – Sword and Plough is a great veteran owned accessory company that repurposes military surplus material into durable and fashionable bags that people can use every day. Owned by sisters Emily (former U.S. Army Captain) and Betsy, their mission is to strengthen civil-military understanding ad provide jobs to returning vets.

R. Riveter – R. Riveter is owned by two military spouses: Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse. They also design and manufacture handbags made from canvas and leather. They provide jobs for military spouses all over the country, giving them the opportunity to earn wherever military life takes them.

Bang Bang Ballistic – Bang Bang Ballistic Jewelry is owned by Shanna Rodenberg, who was deployed to Afghanistan during her service in the military. She creates unique custom jewelry and accessories from ammunition.

Redline Steel – Redline Steel is 100% veteran owned and operated in the United States of America. They design custom décor created from steel in a variety of shapes and sizes. There is something for everyone!

Steel Roots Décor – Steel Roots Décor also manufactures steel home décor that is completely customizable and owned and operated by veterans.

Liberty Outfitter Candle Company – The owner Jeff, decided to make his own quality candles that could help veterans deal with PTSD upon returning from active duty. Liberty Outfitter LLC was created in June 2016 with Jeff’s  idea of bringing light into the world.

Glass Beach Mugs – Glass Beach Mugs was started by two Marines, Paul Balassa and Turk McCleskey. While scuba diving off Glass Beach, they found a porcelain sherd of a mug inscribed “U.S.M.C.” They hoped to discover an intact piece but didn’t have any luck then it occurred to Turk — make one! This company creates and sells replica mugs so anybody can get one.