During the month of February, many find themselves searching for remedies to help soothe their dry skin. Searching for a reputable product is hard enough, let alone finding a trust-worthy product that is also made in America. Buy American Mall has a wide variety of dry skin solutions made in America that have been curated to meet your needs. Click here to shop our wide selection of skin care products.

You will find cruelty-free vegan lotions that use a variety of oils and therapeutic fragrances that will nourish and moisturize your hands. The rich and creamy textures will help leave your hands soft and restored.  Shop unscented products that contain natural ingredients proven to help relieve dry skin. Choose from a selection of non-greasy formulas that contain borage oil, which helps fight the cause of dry skin below the surface.

Buy American Mall inventories lotions and creams that blend Manuka Honey, CBD oil, and a variety of botanicals to create a unique combination that will help your skin in many different ways. The healing powers of CBD oil help restore dry, damaged skin. Powerful botanicals such as peppermint, menthol, and argan seed further help sooth and refresh skin. Many of the products have been tested more than once. You can guarantee that these skin care solutions made in America have been created using ingredients that have been grown without the use of pesticides or other dangerous chemicals.

Our products also include 100% natural, hand-made salves that work intensely on dry and damaged skin. Many of the hand salves can be used on hands, feet, and any other dry areas of the body. These products also use botanically infused oils that will help sooth dry, cracked skin. Buy American Mall has also curated gluten free salves that have been made in the USA. Some of the items start out as a cream and melt into an oil as it is applied, replenishing your skin with essential nutrients. This type of skin solve can be used anywhere your skin needs some nourishment. It can hydrate dry patches, smooth flyaways, condition lips, an even nourish cuticles. There are no parabens, artificial fragrance, or preservatives in these products.

Shop this selection and browse for even more products in our wide selection of skin care and cosmetics inventory to find the right product for your dry skin needs. By shopping at Buy American Mall, you can feel confident that you are getting a product that is made in America and that will fit your style and budget!

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