There is something special about seeing a memorable toy from your childhood. Radio flyers, Slinky, that red and yellow Little Tikes car, all bring back nostalgic memories of youth  growing up in America.  While quite a few toy companies are American-based, many of their products are manufactured in other countries.  Here is a list of popular toy brands that sell products that are made in the USA.

Brackitz– Headquartered in Colorado, all Brackitz products are made in the USA with safe materials certified by Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

Crayola– Since 1903, many of the crayon-maker’s products are still made in Pennsylvania.

American Plastic Toys–  This company has been producing toys in the United States since 1962. You cannot purchase products online, however American Plastic Toys are available from most major mass merchants, including Walmart and Dollar General.

Green Toys– Based in California, this company uses 100 percent recycled materials and U.S.-based manufacturing.

Dirt King–  builds ultra-durable tricycles, wagons, and carts at daycares, Head Start centers, and other spots where toys that can withstand daily use and abuse are essential. The company even makes trikes for bigger kids and adults. All of Dirt King’s products are made and assembled at a factory in WaKeeney, Kansas.

Timberworks Toys– They build safe, award-winning building block sets right here in the United States of America.

Wiffle– Their headquarters is in Shelton, Conn. Every Wiffle Ball is made in the U.S.

Wikki Stix– Made in Phoenix, Arizona this bendable and stickable molding toy is made from knitting yarn and non-toxic wax that can be shaped into just about anything.

Alex Brands– Slinky, POOF foam sports balls and Shrinky Dinks are all made in Alex Brands factories in the USA.

K’Nex–  The company makes 90 percent of its parts at its factory in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, after moving manufacturing back from China in recent years. Labels note the percentage of American-made parts in each toy. Popular toys made entirely in the U.S. include Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, and several basic K’Nex sets.

Vermont Teddy Bear Company– started in 1981, these bears made in America using materials located all over the USA. The company realizes that corporate responsibility is a big part of Made in America products and companies. Their Big Hero, Little Hero program donates a bear to a first-responder unit for every Little Hero Bear that is purchased.

Honerable Mentions:

Flexible Flyer– Today, none of the products are made in Maine. The steel-rail sleds and others are manufactured in China, but many plastic sleds are made in the U.S. and Canada. Today in stores across the country, Paricon markets plastic, foam and inflatable products bearing Flexible Flyer’s famous Eagle logo along with the classic wood and steel sled.

Tonka– created in 1946 in Mound, Minnesota, Tonka is famous for the big metal trucks of childhoods past. However, in recent years they have switched to manufacturing overseas, but intend on trying to bring production back to the U.S.

Radio Flyer– They used to be a Chicago factory but it did not have the capability to produce plastic products. Two thirds of its products are now made in China and another third in a factory in Wisconsin.