Having a family game night is one of the simplest ways to get everyone together and strengthen those family bonds. You open the door for important conversation and strengthen academic skills all while making memories together.

The most important step when creating a family game night is selecting a time that works for everyone. Think about a time when everyone is free to be together. For some families it might be a Friday night, for others it may be a Sunday morning. Decide what works for your family and go with the flow. You may no be able to play games together every week, and that is okay. Remember, it isn’t about a time crunch,  it is all about building bonds and strengthening academic and social skills.

After you decide on a time, the next step is choosing a game. Think about who will be playing the game. If you have a wide range of ages, choose a game that even the youngest of players can understand, or make up teams. It is also a good idea to have a back-up game in case the first one doesn’t go as planned.

Next, turn off the screens! Game night should be a gathering that encourages conversation and collaboration. Try putting cellphones and tablets on silent in a basket while the games are in progress, it may increase concentration and spark better habits.

Choose food to have while playing. Pick a selection of snacks and treats that the family loves to snack on. Try to stay away from snacks that are super cheesy or messy… orange fingers tend to get all over game pieces. You could even plan themed snack nights and have fancy drinks, there are plenty of mocktail recipes online!

Be patient, have fun, and don’t expect perfection. It is rare for game nights (or days) to go smoothly all the time. There is bound to be complaining, crying, sore loosing, and fighting and it is okay! These are also very important life lessons that need to be learned. Important skills in communicating, cooperation, problem-solving, resolution, and sharing are all vital to children’s (and adult’s) growing and learning.

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